Hydrocarbons Laboratories


Our main hydrocarbons laboratories are located in Guatemala, Panamá, Chile, Dutch Caribbean (St. Eustatius), Dominicana, Mexico and Paraguay.

The OTI Labs and testing centers have a solid infrastructure with modern facilities with specialized equipment to analyze products such as: The OTI Labs and testing centers, among others.

We have reception areas and of sample storage of those products, and especially with the expertise of technical analyst, the methodology, and the logistics for receiving samples of different ports and cities, where they are received, dispatched and/or stored hydrocarbons.

We perform with a Quality Management System based on ISO 9001 e ISO/IEC 17025, which allows seeking the reliability of the results issued.

Likewise, we participate in inter-laboratories programs(Round Robin) coordinated by ASTM and internally each lab has implemented Quality Control Tools.

Within the technical capacity of our labs, we can name some tests and methods applied to different products.


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