Security Policy


Safety is a priority over any financial decision, Operational, or any other in OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL, as a safe and healthy work environment is important to our organization, our customers and other stakeholders.
Creating the conditions and means for the physical integrity of our staff and stakeholders before, during and after the development of its activities; encouraging compliance with safety practices established in each product.
The success of any action designed to ensure the safety of the individual and collective commitment is premised on the observance and compliance with the rules established in the different areas of operation of the company so that staff should:

  • Be aware and adhere to safety practices established for each product using the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or issued by Terminals, Customer or any party involved where the work is performed.
  • Follow safety rules placed along the workplace or in designated sites.
  • Request Use the computer and provided protection for the type of work.
  • Take precautions during the development of their activities.
  • Report unsafe conditions or incidents to immediate supervisor and / or manager of Operations.
  • Use common sense.


See: Alcohol & Drugs Policy


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