Alcohol & Drugs Policy


This policy applies to all employees and applicants for employment in any of its forms such as full-time staff, temporary, and subcontractors to develop work on behalf of OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL.

“Alcohol” means ethyl alcohol (ethanol) and includes all drinks, mixture or preparation containing ethyl alcohol.

“Drug” means any substance that is known to have effects on altering the mind or body functions or decrease their ability to do their jobs safely, specifically including but not limited to, all psychoactive substances, all controlled substances, all illegal substances.

People under the influence of alcohol or drugs in the workplace pose a risk to the health and safety of themselves and those with whom they are in contact, so that the distribution, possession or use of controlled substances, inhalants or alcohol creates unacceptable workplace safety and efficiency of operations risks.

When there is reasonable suspicion that a collaborator of OTI is using or is under the influence of drugs / alcohol; Management reserves the right to require, urinalysis or other selection of drugs or alcohol at any time and caring confidentiality case.

No employee of OTI either before, during or after the mandated activities should not use or consume, possess or illegally, or sell and / or distribute alcohol and / or drugs.

The company also prohibits staff use, possess, conceal and / or transporting ammunition, explosives and firearms in company facilities, vehicles, and performing work in areas such as Terminals, Warehouses, Ships, etc. .

Therefore, without notice will be made revisions (by the company and / or client requires) not limited to desks, briefcases, vehicles, work areas to ensure compliance with this policy and / or perform the Alcohol and Drug test. Employees who refuse to review and / or raped, the client may be denied access to their facilities, and the company will be subject to disciplinary action which can range from a warning in writing, professional help, or even dismissal and if any consign to the appropriate authorities.


See: Environmental Policy


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