New installations – OTI Honduras

Last March 5th, 2015, executives of the companies Uno, Chevron, Gas del Caribe, Puma, Plantas de Químicos, Agentes Navieros held a meeting with the Mayor of Puerto Cortes at a venue located on Carretera Vieja a San Pedro Sula, in the industrial area (opposite Fertiagrho) in Puerto Cortes, Honduras, during the opening ceremony of the OTI HONDURAS operations center, in an area of construction of approximately 400 m2, which houses the administrative and operative areas, an operations supplies warehouse, a laboratory, a holding area and a samples store.

These new installations consolidate management’s commitment to meet customers’ needs and operate in accordance with Honduran government legislation.

OTI Honduras currently has the technical capacity to provide inspection, testing and certification services during the loading, unloading and dispatch of hydrocarbons, the loading of containers, the inspection of agricultural merchandise and/or products, as well as storage tank calibration services.

The laboratory currently has the infrastructure to conduct analyses to determine the quality of refined products such as diesel, gasoline, fuel and LPG, among others.

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