OTI – Costa Rica begins Operations

OTI – Costa Rica begins Operations. 
We are very pleased to announce the recent opening of our new branch in Costa Rica which will trade under the name of OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL DE COSTA RICA, SOCIEDAD ANÓNIMA. This is another step in our strategic development throughout Latin America; to increase the availability of our inspection and certification services for Petroleum and Agri Products to the local and International markets. For more information on the services available in Costa Rica from OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL Contact the local management team:

OTI Costa Rica S.A.
Ave. 10 Bis, Calle 19/21, Barrio Gonzalez Lahmann, PO Box 474, 1000 San Jose Costa Rica
Phone: 506-221-4111 / 4732 / 6957 / 4567 /// Fax: 506-255-4218 
E-mail: info@oticostarica.com

Roberto Jiménez-Soto
Director General
E-mail: rjimenez@oticostarica.com
Phone: 506-221-4732 / 506-221-6367 /// Mobile:506-384-9146

Adriana Jiménez-Beeche
General Manager
E-mail: ajimenez@oticostarica.com
Phone 506-221-4567 / 506-283-073 // Mobile:506-384-9144

Enrique Wong-Ching
Operations Manager
E-mail: ewong@oticostarica.com
Phone: 506-221-4111 / 506-273-0889 // Mobile: 506-375-8788

Marcelo Salerno
Development Business Manager
E-mail: msalerno@otilatam.com
Phone: 5423 2347 2028 // Mobile: 54 (911) 4937 0056