La Visión de OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL es convertirse en la primera opción en el suministro de servicios de inspección (verificación), pruebas de laboratorio y certificación de cantidad y/o calidad de productos diversos, así como servicios complementarios.

The OIL TEST INTERNATIONAL vision is to become the first choice in providing inspection services (verification), laboratory testing and certification of quantity and / or quality of various products and complementary services.

Our human capital contributes significantly as follows:

  • Senior Management, through the allocation of resources and conditions necessary for the development of our services.
  • All staff develop processes that provide confidence and accuracy of the information and data generated for our clients..
  • Dedication with responsibility and professionalism in each of the tasks entrusted generating continuous improvement..
  • Positively affect our clients and colleagues to achieve the expectations of the parties involved.
  • Commitment to the procurement of quality, health, safety and the environment.