These services are designed to offer confidence in the conditions of storage, conservation, packaging, loading and/or discharge of products, products in order to ensure that these products conserve their value, both in the local market as well as the international, and in credit institutions as well as government bodies.


  •   Vegetable oils and animal fats
  •   Food grains such as rice, corn, wheat, coffee, pepper, soybeans and fodder (sorghum)
  •   Sugar and molasses
  •   Fresh fruits and vegetables
  •   Wheat flour, soybean meal and fish meal
  •   Pasta food
  •   Fertilizers
  •   Forest products
  •   Chilled products (such as sausages)
  •   Cattle

Emission of reports and/or quality certificates and/or product quality according to customer´s requirements and based in local technical standards, foreign (ICUMSA, AOCS) internationals (ISO, GAFTA; FOSFA), and/or the established by the parts involved.

  •   Inventory stock of pledged products
  •   Inspection of physical conditions of storage warehouses and/or ship sampling
  •   Sampling as per FOSFA/GAFTA rules
  •   Physical organoleptic and/or microbiological testing of the product
  •   Witnessing of laboratory testing
  •   Custody and/or conservation
  •   Supervision during fumigation
  •   Inspection of charge and discharge of bulk products
  •   Verification of weight in scale (trucks, hoppers, trains)
  •   Determination of quantity (draft survey, scales, bags, containers, etc)


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