Enlargement of OTI MX – ISO/IEC 17020 Accreditation

Actions that contribute to the strengthening of the value chain …

Last March 2020 as result of the 17020, evaluation made by EMA (entidad mexicana de acreditación) to our full inspection process, which covers sampling, temperature measurement, calculations for the determination of quantity (volume) of Product (Hydrocarbons) according to the American Petroleum Institute API standards, it is pleasant to share the news about the expansion of verifiers (technical inspectors), so this accreditation strengthens us in the following way:


17 accredited technical inspectors, distributed in the main maritime ports of the Mexican Republic.

– Additionally, 42 Technical Inspectors certified by the International Federation of Inspection Agencies (IFIA /TIC), as Certified Petroleum Inspectors.

– Likewise, we have 3 Substitute Technical Managers, who oversee supervising that the chain of traceability of the data generated as results of the inspection processes for the determination of received and/or dispatched quantities is maintained.

– All this oversees our Technical Manager, of the operations associated with sampling and inspections during the unloading and/or loading of hydrocarbons.


With the above, our organization OTI MEXICO strengthens the value chain; accrediting the Technical Competence of its technical inspectors, Impartiality in decision making and Confidentiality of data information based on the requirements of the norm ISO/IEC 17020:2012.

The scope, is not limited to the following technical standards:

  • API MPMS Chapter 17.1 Guidelines for Marine Cargo Inspection.
  • API MPMS Chapter 12.2; Calculation of Petroleum Quantities using Dynamic Measurement Methods and Volume Correction Factors.
  • API MPMS Chapter 8.1 Standard Practice for Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products.
  • API MPMS Chapter 7, Temperature Determination.
  • API MPMS Chapter 3.2; Standard Practice for Gauging Petroleum and Petroleum Products in Tank Cars.
  • API MPMS Chapter 3.1A; Standard Practice for the Manual Gauging of Petroleum and Petroleum Products.

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