The commitment of OTIMEXICO to promote the altruistic work

On December 14, 2018, we officially started the end of the year celebrations, where we put into practice our commitment to others.

For the ninth consecutive year, OTI MEXICO carried out coexistence in the delivery of toys, clothes and sheets for LA CASA HOGAR PROVIDENCIA, located in the CDMX This place is dedicated to give home and sustenance to Mexican children who have lived or homeless, have several houses in several states of the republic and have the support of NGOs, and voluntary donations.

The response of the OTI MEXICO staff and some of their clients was not long before the call of the General Management and Human Resources Coordination to contribute at least with a toy, many of them have provided toys, but also clothing, footwear , so that in a short time our Christmas tree full of samples of the nobility and the philanthropic and altruistic sensitivity of our staff; The company also responded by duplicating everything received, in such a way that all this was delivered to CASA HOGAR PROVIDENCIA.

Therefore, the director Mr. Mario Banda Ruiz and the children of LA CASA HOGAR PROVIDENCIA, says thank you to OTI MEXICO for these nine years of dedication and solidarity.

On this occasion we have the support of the Rosalino, Barbara, Paola, Daniela, Angel and Rubén to make the physical delivery and live with the children of this home.